Kevin Ozebek

Note: Kevin Ozebeck left WATE in March 2008.

Kevin Ozebek

Date of Joining WATE: October 2007

Birthplace/Hometown: Mentor, OH (outside of Cleveland)


  • B.S. in Journalism from Ohio University

Previous Media Experience:

    WOUB AM-FM-TV, Athens OH (Reporter, Producer, Anchor)

Outside Interests/Hobbies:

    I’m an adrenalin junkie, so from roller coasters to whitewater rafting and other extreme sports, if it gives you a thrill I love it. To relax, traveling to a beach or mountains always works for me.

What You Enjoy About Local News:

    There is nothing more fulfilling than providing the public with information that makes them better informed citizens. My profession gives viewers the facts they need to know so they can make educated decisions everywhere from the voting booth to the grocery store. On the lighter side, meeting new people every day and coming into work not knowing exactly what you are going to do are other benefits of being a journalist.

Media Awards and Honors:

    Member of Kappa Tau Alpha, a journalism honor society