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Author Topic: Change in registration policy  (Read 42008 times)
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« on: November 22, 2008, 04:01:06 PM »

It's a sad truth of the Internet that sites like this are always under attack by spammers. Although several security measures have been put in place to control them, the number and tactics of their attacks have recently increased.

For this reason we've had to take an additional step that, unfortunately, places some inconvenience on new members.

For the time being, we have changed the registration process to require administrator approval before new members can post. Although we will make every effort to approve all registrations as quickly as possible, new members may be delayed up to several hours before they are able to login and post comments.

We emphasize that this change affects only new registrations. All existing members should not see a change in the site. Still, we apologize for this inconvenience to new members.

We are investigating additional security measures that might allow us to go back to our previous policies, but in the meantime this change will provide the most effective means of preventing inappropriate messages from appearing on this site.
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