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Author Topic: DCS WORKER FIRING UPHELD  (Read 2072 times)
lars huddle
« on: September 19, 2003, 11:44:40 PM »

        A state employee tries to actually do her job,unlike
most gov people,and she gets fired for possibly caring
about the children in our state. Typical bureaucratic horse-
S$#!. Her boss is probably your typical 25+yr employee
waiting on their gov pension and taking 3 hr lunch breaks
and putting the answering machine on their extension..
         Yes sir....Tennessee looks good to me....NOT!!!

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« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2003, 06:34:56 PM »

 There are children dying all the time in this system. Just in Knoxville, we have had rapes, and possibly murder at some of the group homes, runaways too numerous to count and children abused by the system. The system the way it is now is broken and if we as citizens don't take a stand who is going to do it for these children?
  When a child runs away from a group home they are just reported to the police and that is the end of it. I have tried to find out how many are "missing" and that information is not available. One of the problems is the secrecy the DCS calls "privacy". We MUST change these laws that do not allow anyone OUTSIDE of DCS to have information.
  The foster care system is terrible in this state. The good foster parents many times just give up as they are not "appreciated" by DCS because they are the ones that question the lack of involvement and the "child's plan" by the case workers.  
 We had a neighbor that had a foster child for 3 years and during that time the child had 9 different case workers and not but "ONE"[/b] ever saw that child's face. Each one would "tell" my neighbors how they "knew what was best for the child" There is no excuse for that.
  I believe the system to be so corrupt with CYA case workers and used for political gain that the only way to change it is to clean out the entire bunch and start over. The Dept of Children's Services has become a black hole to throw exorbitant sums of money at and nothing ever changes.
  What is it going to take?? More deaths?? More runaways?? More rapes and molestations in DCS custody?? The system has become more evil than the worst of the homes these kids have come from. Where is the media in all of this?

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Ask me about DCS I will tell you...

« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2004, 12:10:11 PM »

I guess I should say that the following is my opinion since we are in litigation: Embarrassed

I guess most people have never had any dealings with CPS.  It never ceases to amaze me that  people that has never dealt with CPS always has good things to say about them.  I too was on the other side of the fence at one time,  I remember thinking well that person got what he deserved abusing a child... cut his N-ts off!  But my wife and I now are a victim of DCS.  Falsely acused (her professional opinion and never intending to prove it because she don't have to) of criminally neglecting  our nearly 15 year old child.  The neglect was letting his nearly 20 year old sister take care of him while we were out of town.  The DA dropped the charges when we demaned a Grand Jury.  CS does what it wants to do all the time,  the constitution does not apply to them, no one has rights against them.  The Constitutional amendment doesn't say: "no search or seizure without warrant (unless a child is involved)". We were guilty till proven innocent and our child suffered by being incarcerated in their foster jail. We are testing their laws and policies as we have a lawsuite filed against them now.  We have figured out you have no rights until your in front of a jury.  We filed this lawsuit 3.5 years ago and it is now just in discovery.

Fire them yes, if they are found that they are not doing their job properly.  I think you will find that most DCS case workers taking the children out our homes are less than 30 years old, not married and do not even have a child of their own.   They also seem to snatch the children out on Friday afternoon so the parents don't have a fighting chance.  Oh yeah not to mention, that we have been told they have to be out of their own home for three days for the State to get the Fed funds.  It is mostly a money mill.

Lawyers are hard to find because they don't want to go up against the system.  I have heard quotes from people that say "I can't defend you because you can't win against DCS." The laws of this land was made to protect people, and to protect people from the government, not to protect the government from the people.

Isn't if funny that the person that cuts my hair has to have a license and the person that yanked my son out of our house doesn't?

As for as foster homes go the one that my child was in constantly told him "your parents don't love you".  These are words form him.

As far as kids being killed in DCS custody, they will probably tell you that they are transfered to foster care so as it not to be reported as in DCS care.  This is the BS that our case worker told us.  Since we have a suit saying that our child was told his parents dont't love him, she under oath indicated that she is just the case worker (child snatcher) then she signs off immediately to someone else, so she has nothing to do with the child after the initial intake.  A federal report of 1999 says 1% of kids are killed in their own home and 2.1% are killed in foster care.

For everyones info here is what is going on:

Not convinced?  Go to and type in "Department of Children Sevices Tennessee Lawsuit"  They settled this one out of court and still is not in compliance".  At this time 1999-2000 they could not even find all of the 10,000 kids they have in stock.

You may also search on for "fight CPS" and see what you get. Smiley


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