What's the most important issue President-elect Barack Obama should focus on?

He's already begun naming his cabinet, but soon Barack Obama will begin to focus on the issues he's discussed countless times in his campaign such as the economy, the war in Iraq and health care.

What do you think he should focus on most and why?

Main focus

Obama needs to focus on enforcing existing immigration laws that imprison those that hire ILLEGALs for 5 years (each ILLEGAL) and recover from the damage done in this by the Bush Regime and what almost happened with the MCCAIN - Kennedy bill.

Well I think he should work

Well I think he should work on race relations Did you know 95% of Blacks voted for Obama and 80% cited Obama being Black. Wow its sounds like Blacks are discrimating against other races. How can this be?

eradicate domestic terrorists

President Obama first needs to bring our own Domestic Terrorists to justice for having raped us at the fuel pumps and creating a War for their profits. Then he will be able to set a Real timetable for bringing our brave Men and Women back home from Iraq.

I voted for McCain and proud

I voted for McCain and proud of it. Not because he is white, I voted for McCain because he was more experienced. The Obama supporters are screaming unite and support and in the same breath they are attacking the McCain supporters, Seems to be contradictory on the dems part. You can't expect us to unite when you scream we are idiots. I find it ironic that the blacks scream that WE are racists. Funny that Rev Middlebrook is black and playing the race card. I voted for McCain because of experience. You quote the exit polls- well read this. At several polling places blacks were polled. They were asked if they voted for Obama and why or why not. The blacks that did not vote for Obama, voted for experience and policies. The blacks that were polled that they did vote for Obama voted for him because he was BLACK. The blacks are the racists in these exit polls and not the whites. It is over, get over it. As for his birth certificate, his own recently departed grandmother stated that he was born in Kenya. I tend to beleive her and not some faked up birth certificate. It is over and we will get on with it. If the Obama supporters allow us to move forward. However, the mess this country is in, is as much the fault of the democratically controlled Congress and, yes, even the Clinton administration, ON ADDITION TO THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION. There is plenty of blame to share. If the democrats want unity, they can shoulder their fair share of the blame. I will wait and pass judgement on his performance. Obama's main goal should be to perserve the constitution that we all love and cherish. FREEDOM, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS and that means the mindset to succeed we must as individuals work hard. Success should not be punished and ambitious should not have their hands tied. We must protect our borders so that we can rebuild our economy first. That means coninuing our presence in Iraq and securing our borders so that we can focus on the Americans and their internal problems.

I voted for McCain and proud---hmmmm

I am just wondering; if you voted for McCain because he was the most experienced, did you consider the fact that he is in his seventies and not in the best of health? If he had won, and something had (God Forbid) happened to him--how could you have then justified voting for hjm knowing that Palin has NO National experience?

When you said, "As for his birth certificate, his own recently departed grandmother stated that he was born in Kenya. I tend to beleive her and not some faked up birth certificate.", that is a bald faced lie, or either you have been reading too much far right propaganda. If you can find one legitimate website that states that, I will certainly apologiz[e to you---but you won't, because it is not true. By legitimate I mean a website that ends with .gov or .org, or from any national (well known) news organization. By the way, that excludes Fox News, but I don't believe that even they, as biased as they are would spread this outrageous misinformation. She is dead, have you no shame? Let her rest in peace and stop spreading misinformation.

And by the way, Anonymous, why don't you woman or man up enough and just admit that you did, in fact, vote for Sen McCain because he was white? Me thinks the woman (or man) doth protest too much! You made so many racsisi remarks in youe email that it is quite obvious you resent blacks very much.


What should Obama focus on first??

Regardless of the state of our economy, who's to blame, blah, blah, blah. Clinton had the time to straighten things out after a republican regime screwed it up, only to have all his good works undone by BUSH. And BUSH tweaked his damages on a daily basis until the USA was broke. I'm sorry, while a lot of blame is being smeared around, even the blind can determine who is at fault based on WHO IS THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF when the damage is done. lIKE BEING CAUGHT WITH YOUR HAND IN THE PROVERBIAL COOKIE JAR----KINDA HARD TO SAY YOU DIDN'T DO IT.

If Obama HAD been born in the jungles of Africa, he would still be an AMERICAN citizen becausE his mother was aN american citizen. He was born, however, in Honolulu and the last time I checked, Hawaii was still part of the USA....


oh, I forgot to put the main focus in my comment.....The economy,


I don't know what the future holds but God does and we need to concentrate on that. The prayers of righteous people will prevail. This is our president and we need to pray daily for him as we would have McCain, had he been elected. All this hysteria that has been so rampant on the email circuit reminds me of when JFK was elected. I was the only person in my eighth grade class that supported him. I was made out by ADULTS and students to be against God and Christ because if we elected a CATHOLIC, that would be the end of freedom of religion, Christianity, and goodness only knows what else. Fear of the unknown makes us very dangerous. We do need to educate ourselves on issues, policies, world events and etc, but ultimately, we need to turn it all over to God. Personally I would be afraid to pass myself off as a Christian to win an election. Prayers of people could cause that to happen, if it were the case. So let's wait, pray, and be still and let God move.......


Remember 911 and why we HAD to send troops. Why we had to stand our ground our country.I'm just really sick of hearing "bring our troops home". Ask them why they joined and most of them will probably tell you "to defend our country so that we may have freedom". So really why would they need to come home. Send the ones that don't want to be there home and replace them with ones that are willing to fight for something. My father, brother, husband were all in the military and each served their time in war. Whether they are fighting overseas or sitting in their bases having cookouts they are still getting paid to do so.

I think the more important issues are economy and getting America back on it's feet.

What should Obama focus on first??

President Obama...that has a nice ring to it..

Barack Obama, while on one hand he has been elected to the highest office in America, on the other he must find a way to untangle the massive mess made by the Bush administration. A mess that even God Himself would be overwhelmed by.

Our most pressing issue is the economy and as shown in the exit polls last night, the economy is the #1 issue on the minds of Americans. There is no time like the present for those whose candidate did not win, to pick themselves up and get on with working to get America back on track. Something that we cannot do as a divided nation. Just remember, McCain supporters, that's exactly what you would have expected us Obama supporters to do had the outcome been different..

Many of you play the "Bible belt" card as to your dissatisfaction with our new President. Obama is no less a Christian than any of you are. And if we are as we profess to be, hostility, hatred and discord would not be in our nature.

Barack Obama will do good things for America. Give him a chance. Look beyond his ancestry and focus on the intelligent man now leading our country. It's time people. Move on. This 2008.....not 1968.

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