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Questions About the TVA Coal Ash Spill

When a retention wall collapsed December 22 at a coal fly ash retention pond, more than a billion gallons of dangerous sludge rushed into people's homes, property, and public waterways.

On Tuesday, January 13, 6 News will take an in-depth look at the spill at the TVA Kingston Fossil Plant in Roane County. Our one-hour special, "Lessons Learned: The TVA Ash Spill," will air at 8:00 p.m.

We will answer your questions and talk to experts from TVA, environmentalists, and Roane County. We'll also seek answers from TVA CEO Tom Kilgore.

Here's your chance to get answers to your questions about the coal ash spill and cleanup efforts. Click here to ask a question, or click the questions that have already been asked to comment on them.

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Where does the sludge go when it's removed from the site?2
What are the long-term effects of exposure to some of the poisons in the sludge?0
With the 800 million + dollars in profits + bonuses TVA has Why are we hearing we may have to pay for the clean up in the end ?8
We live on the Roane Loudon line and get our water from WBUD, is it safe to drink. We have been really sick since the spill.1
How far our from Kingston have the toxins seeped? Is well water in Knoxville safe to drink?0
I decided for health reasons (bad water readings) to install a water treatment system in my house - shouldn't TVA pay for this?0
Our water was measured by a neutral company. Result: everybody in the Kingston area will have cancer in the next 10-15 yrs if0
Who covers our loss of cost when we want to move and sell our house?0
When boating season comes around is it still safe to swim in the Watts Bar lake area downstream from Kingston?0
Who will pay for medical treatment/exams if this is out of worry for the health of my family in the aftermath of the ash spill?1
Will TVA continue to keep putting "Band-Aids" on all the major repairs its plants so desperatly need?1
What will be the mid to long term effects for water sports on the entire Watts Bar Lake?0
Why are Roane county kids buying water from the schools, should this not be the responsibility of TVA ? If the water is ok??0
In such a bad economy, is the cost for TVA's cleanup of the ash spill going to be put back on the people?0
Why doesn't TVA have insurance to pay for the cleanup, instead of raising our rates in these hard times?0
When will the Swan Pond sanitation station be re-opened? Closing this facility has caused a severe inconveniece for residents.0
When will the Swan Pond sanitation station be re-opened? Closing this facility has caused a severe inconveniece for residents.1
What is the outlook for the water sport season, boating, sking and swimming in and around Kingston for the summer of 2009?0
i think famlies my water needs tested1
Why should we, the residents, have to pay another increase in our utility to cover TVA's screw up?2
We already pay a TVA fuel surcharge on our bill. Why should we pay for clean-up as well? Does TVA pay employees surcharges?0
Since the TVA is a Federal agency, the Government should pay the cleanup and future lawsuit settlements. Not the consumer.0
Why are contactors that are trained to handle this type of incident leaving the site before completion. This is scary....0
Is there a reputable company that I can send my water to, to have tested? I am scared to drink the water being 6months pregnant0
Does TVA have ins? I do! Life,,auto,homeowners. Let them pay for this mess, not the consumer!0
I am a resident of hamblen county, why should I pay for TVA's mess with higher rates? This is Not my problem......0
Tell me how people around the coal ash aren't acceptible to Black Lung as in Coal Miners0
Homes on the lake in Roane Co. that are for sale with the coal ash spill who would buy them now? TVA should have to.0
Can you clarify which water districts have safe water to drink? I use WBUD. I haven't seen any specific lists.0